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Правила приема для иностранных граждан (Admission procedure for foreign citizens)  

10.1. This section specifies the University Admission Guidelines for foreign citizens, stateless citizens to enroll higher education programs to obtain degrees in medicine, dentistry, pediatrics on budget basis within the quota for foreign citizens and on commercial basis (paid by legal and/or private persons according to the tuition contract). Otherwise, foreign citizens are admitted according to the abovementioned sections of these Admission Guidelines.

10.2. Foreign citizens, can be admitted within the quote for foreign citizens if they have been officially referred by the Federal Executive Authority according to the state policy and regulations in the field of education.

Admission of foreign citizens within the foreign citizens quote is carried out by issuing an order (orders) of admission within the time limits established in section 9 of these Admission Guidelines.

10.3. Foreign citizens (citizens of Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and Belarus) and stateless citizens, including Russian citizens living abroad have the right to obtain higher education degree according to the same Guidelines for the citizens of the Russian Federation if they follow the requirements of Article 17, Federal Law, May 24, 1999, No. 99-FL State Policy of the Russian Federation Relating to Russian Citizens Living Abroad (hereinafter “Federal Law No. 99-FL) according to the procedure specified for Russian citizens and to sections 1-9 of these Admission Guidelines.

To be admitted to an educational program, according to Article 17, Federal Law No. 99-FL, a Russian citizen living abroad should submit, besides the documents required for admission, the originals or copies of the documents stipulated by Article 17, Federal Law No. 99-FL.

Documents applied from the persons referred to in this paragraph, if they admitted on a par with Russian citizens, carried out at the times and in the manner established in section 2-3 of these Admission Guidelines.

10.4. Compatriots not having Russian citizenship and living abroad, are not covered with special admission rules for the Bachelor`s and Specialist`s programs according to the Federal Law, 29.12.2012 No. 273-FL Concerning Education in the Russian Federation, unless otherwise stipulated by international agreements with the Russian Federation.

10.4.1. The admission special rules stipulated by these Admission Guidelines do NOT cover foreign citizens and stateless citizens.

10.5 For foreign citizens and stateless citizens admitted to a Bachelor`s or Specialist`s program based on commercial tuition contracts the University established the following entrance examinations:

  • To study «Medicine», «Dentistry» or «Pediatrics» in Russian the foreign applicants are to pass the following examinations - Biology (oral examination), Chemistry (written examination)
  • To study «Medicine», «Dentistry» or «Pediatrics» in English the foreign applicants are to pass the following examinations - Biology (oral examination), Chemistry (written examination), respectively

The passing score to be admitted is specified according to the Section 6 of the Admission Guidelines

10.6. In the application for admission a foreign citizen or a stateless citizen specifies the ID essential information, or that in other document identifying a foreign citizen or a stateless citizen in the Russian Federation according to Article 10, Federal Act, July 25, 2002 No. 115- FL Concerning Legal Status of Foreign Citizens in the Russian Federation (hereinafter the “ID of a foreign citizen), and submits the original or a copy of the ID or another identifying document of a foreign citizen, and also other documents required for admission according to the Admission Guidelines.

10.7. Admission Campaign, Entrance Examinations Time-Table:

10.7.1. For foreign citizens and stateless citizens, having graduated the University Pre-entrance Program:

  • documents application - from June 1, 2019 till July 10, 2019
  • entrance examinations period - from June 17, 2019 till July 26, 2019

10.7.2. Entrance examinations for foreign citizens are held according to the entrance examinations time-table published on the University Web site and the Information Board. The examination groups are formed considering the amount of admissions, having applied the documents to the University Admissions Board.

10.8. The competitive list (rating) of foreign citizens (for all categories) is published after the entrance examinations – 27.07.2019.

Information about applying for invitations published on the University website.
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